Simple Air by Nancy Van Iderstine ended up my personal fave of the ten.  David St. James and Kathleen Cecchin play an Amish couple, waiting for their first ever airplane ride. Well, they have to go if they are to be there for a family emergency.  What follows is a confession on the part of this very meek-seeming dutiful wife, about her recently breaking the rules. For a good cause!  This already sounds funny, doesn't it? Now let me reveal this evolves into a musical. Yes, a ten minute musical. A ten minute hip-hop musical complete with backup dancers! 'Nuff said. If you're not tempted by that description, I don't know what to say.


In the second half, Simple Air by Nancy Van Iderstine, wins the prize hands down as the funniest playlet. It's about an Amish married couple, who shouldn't be flying. It's one of their principles, and as the vignette progresses the wife (Kathleen Cecchin) confesses to her husband (David St. James) a few other disgraceful things she has done. I don't want to spoil this one by giving away too much of the plot, but you will see the Amish break rules and have more fun in fifteen minutes than you could ever possibly imagine. Great acting from Cecchin and St.James and fine direction from Richard Pierce.



 ”As the shrewish Carla Normack Barnstead, Van Iderstine’s performance was so believable that off camera and out of character Nancy was asked who she was by one of the crew members.”

"Nancy Van Iderstine is full of life in an excellent turn as an actress-waitress in Waitress."
     -Robert Axelrod, Campus Circle

"Van Iderstine's work is riveting. Pigeons, as mentioned already, is a delight... perfect, as is Van Iderstine's wonderful solo turn in Waitress. Every actor can relate to her, especially via Van Iderstine's tender portrait."
     -Don Grigware, Grigware Talks Theatre

"Partly because of the script, but mostly because of Ms. Van Iderstine’s affecting, understated, heartfelt performance, the small piece is charming, funny, devastating and ultimately life affirming."
      -Geoff Hoff, L.A. Theatre Review

Potential Realized! 
Nancy was nominated for a 2008 ADA Award as part of the cast in Comic Potential!

Here’s what the critics say about
Nancy ’s performance in Comic Potential:

-Carol Kaufman Segal,

-Pat Taylor, Tolucan Times

Live Humans On Stage:

“Anyone who has owned a cat should identify with [Van Iderstine’s] right-on portrayal of a feline gently terrorizing a house sitter, coughing up hairballs, destroying the carpet... -Robert Young, Burbank Leader